About Us

It was 2007 and the holidays were upon us.  All of the kids wanted a puppy.  I battled with whether or not this was a good idea.  Not wanting to add to an already hectic household, I had no inkling of what was about to happen this chilly December day.

Drum Roll…Ruckus is in the building! Ruckus, an English bulldog, was the runt of the litter, but that didn't stop his larger-than-life presence when he entered the house. He instantly changed the way things felt in our home. Where there once was stress, now there was calm. Where there once was confusion,  now there was clarity.  I couldn’t believe the impact this little bundle of snores had on me  - everything was different.

A mortgage professional for 10 years, I decided to leave my mortgage business in search of a new-found passion involving Ruckus and animals. Not having a clue where to start, I jumped into the Portland, Oregon pet scene, hoping for a soft landing. It was anything but! Now Ruckus and I have a new mission...

 ...Bringing happiness and success to all things pet! 

 With his innate ability to draw attention, Ruckus quickly landed modeling jobs. (He's a great model and available for hire!) His photogenic personality led to his own greeting card line.

With my love of people and natural sales abilities, these Ruckus opportunities inspired me to start this company.  You may have first heard of Ruckus when reading his articles in a pet magazine – from those articles it inspired some of these ideas we have added to this site.

·        Read about "Ruckus Favorites"--people, places, and products that Ruckus and I endorse based on trial and experience.

·        Order Ruckus greeting cards. Check them out—they’re irresistible!

·        Contact Ruckus Rules for product promotions. When Ruckus and I believe in a product, we can bring that product to the marketplace with much gusto and great success.

Some of the money Ruckus earns through modeling, greeting cards, fundraisers or product promotions goes to support Rescue organizations, but our ultimate goal is to fund indigent care of pets to help keep them with their owners who can't afford their immediate needs. This support will help to decrease the number of rescues needed.

But, the best thing is that we have fun and meet amazing people.  That makes it all worth it!