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Bulldog Tested, Labrador Approved!
Hey all, Sir Ruckus here!  I know that generally I brag about products you can eat or play with, but I have to dedicate this months column to lookin' good!  After all, Spring is in the air!
What can I say, my mom is obsessed with collars and is always on the look out for something to make me look HOT!  She must do pretty good because lots of people stop me to check out the latest and greatest neckwear I am sporting.
My, ok my moms new find is a little company right down the road from where we live.  My good friends Murphy and Bailey have taught their mom Kristine just how to make a dog look its best, and I have to tell you they have done a mighty fine job!
When I asked Kristine why she started this company she told me that in  2007, she found herself spending a fortune spoiling the above mentioned Labradors, Murphy and Bailey. Murphy, in particular seemed to destroy collars often with his exuberance (translation: he slobbers a lot and his collars take a daily beating at the park!). So she decided  to combine her three passions - the dogs, baking, and sewing - to create durable and fun collars to match their personalities, as well as treats she knew were healthy and safe for her dogs.   Ok, you caught me, there is food involved and the treats are magnificent!
It doesn't matter if you have a toy dog or a giganto dog, she has a collar for you.  You say your dog is hard to fit... well she can do custom work too if you tell her Ruckus sent you!
Mom likes these collars so much that each new rescue dog that comes to our house gets a fresh new collar and leash set all from Bark Boutique.
SO, what are you waiting for?  Go to the website and check out these amazing collars for yourself! Oh ya, and don't forget the treats.  Yummie!
Don't forget that if you have a favorite person, place or thing that your pet can't live without you can email me at  and maybe I can check it out.  Even as picky as a Bulldog is, you never know, it could be my favorite!
Smell you soon,
Love Ruckus